About the DxHub

The goal of the DxHub is to:

  • Provide students with real-world learning experiences
  • Apply proven innovation methodologies to challenging problems
  • Utilize the deep subject matter expertise of the public sector
  • Leverage the technology expertise of AWS and other partners
  • Solve challenging problems  in ways not contemplated before
"The DxHub has a tremendous opportunity to make a positive impact here at Cal Poly as well as across the state, nation, and globe. Whether it’s helping law enforcement agencies to be more effective and efficient or addressing difficult challenges with non-profit organizations, we can make a difference with our innovation processes and technical depth in combination with public sector mission expertise."
Paul Jurasin
Paul Jurasin
Founding Director, DxHub (ret.)

Our Process


The DxHub applies Amazon’s human-centered, ‘Working Backwards’ innovation methodology to tackle challenges facing government, education, and non-profit organizations.The DxHub team leads public sector organizations through innovation and solution workshops structured to generate big ideas and impactful solutions. Through product development sprints and customer validation testing, the team creates a ‘lean prototype’ that brings the solution to life. Students assist the team throughout the innovation process.



While providing students with real-world learning experiences, the Cal Poly Digital Transformation Hub (DxHub) applies proven innovation methodologies in combination with the deep subject matter expertise of the public sector, the technology expertise of Amazon Web Services (AWS), and other partners to solve challenging problems in ways not contemplated before.